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The long awaited new release from Bajo Perfil Records in Colombia. Glad to see Federico found a place to press records again and it looks like he's pressing in Brazil and we are all the more lucky for it. KONTRAORDEN has really defined their sound. Still political and punk as hell, these new songs annihilate! ! Fast raw punk for the punks!! R.D.O. have also transformed a bit. This long time band from Ecuador have shelved the noise grind and unleash a slaughterhouse of ballistic hardcore with touches of grindcore still inside its framework. A top notch South American hardcore punk experience.
[ Short Fast & Loud #10

jedna z nejlepsich desek, jaky jsem za posledni rok slyse! Ekvadorsti veterani RUIDO DE ODIO me na svych nekolika starsich nahravkach az tak uplne nedostavali, ale tady se jejich chaoticky noise-core styl pretransformoval v uderny a jak britva ostry punk rachot pohaneny kupredu typickou latino-americkou energii. Zvukove (a vlastne i trochu stylove) mi to pripomina starsi singly CRIPPLE BASTARDS, spceialne diky dominantni hutne kytarove cirkularce. Do extremu dotazena zalezitost plna vzteku - , "Gritos kontra el abuso de poder", jak stoji na obalu. KONTRAORDEN (Kolumbie) uz maji taky par vinylu venku (mam dva samostatny singly a split 7"s ANTI-TODO) a stejne jako u kolegu z druhe strany se mi jejich matros zda z toho, co zatim zplodili, nejlepsi. Oproti R.D.O. trochu volnejsi, spis depresivnejsi punk, ale stale obtepavajici ve sviznem tempu. Ve triclenne sestave najdete byvaleho elena asi nejznamejsi kolumbijske kapely v tomto , "ultra-punk as fuck" stylu, Federica z I.R.A. V obou pripadech jasna tefa do eernecho, syrove skripaiici sound jcsamozrejme plus. Vyslo v kooperaci Kolumbie/Japonsko/Ekvador (F)
Hluboka Orba #24

3rd release I've seen here by Colombias Kontra-orden. Featuring members of the infamous I.R.A., these guys have continued in playing along the same lines of fast, aggressive angry punk. As usual, lyrically on the political side of these; as you'd imagine living a place like Colombia. Gotta say this materila grabs me much more than their previous 2 7"s (which were good too). Now we move on to Ruido De Odio (from Equador) ...these guys have been kicking around for sometime as well. Fuck yeah....this shit is heavy as fuck, mid paced, mad as fuck vocals. A bit more on the metal side, less blast bet mayhem that I remember from their earlier shit. There is still some blasting going, but more fast thrashpunk. Fucking excellent. (Kerry)
[ Profane Existence #42

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