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> DISKELMA / DISTRESS split 7" (ACM014)

First off we get 3 tracks of heavy D-beat from DISKELMA. The lyrics are short but sweet with Japanese translations. They remind me a lot of EXTREME NOISE TERROR. Good stuff. On the flipside we are treated to another 3 tracks of raw angry noise from DISTRESS. I would say that they are heavily influenced by Swedish and Finish HardCore, with a bit of DISCLOSE worship thrown in for good measure. Their lyrics are simple and to the point, and also include Japanese translations. Check it out! (Ken Ciderpunk)
Profane Existence #54

DISKELMA are from Finland but play a raw and fast thrash whose three songs here combine the wailing guitar work of 80's Swedish d-beat punk with the sudden breaks and booming vocal style more akin to Japanese hardcore bands like BASTARD and NIGHTMARE. DISTRESS are from St. Petersburg, Russia and have previous released a few really rare but excellent CD's. Their three songs here are 100% brutally powerful, no-frills DISCHARGE type punk with the occasional ANTI-CIMEX style lead thrown in for good measure. Nothing ground-breaking at all here, with the most remarkable feature being six songs of tried and true angry punk rock, all played exceptionally well, and able to stand to to toe with the best that have come before. Cover by Nesa of Doomsday Graphics.
Profane Existence Distribution

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