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> VUUR "Vuurviolence" CD (ACM013)

Vuur comes from Belgium and has existed for a few year releasing stuff here and there. This CD is sort of a discography collecting all the recorded tracks with vocalist Yannick who unfortunately got a problem with his voice and couldn't sing anymore and hence was forced to leave the band.
Vuur have earlier released a split 7" with Dutch Seein' Red and while the two bands have a different approach to their music that's still a split that makes total sense as I for some reason though of Seein' Red even before I learned about said split. Vuur play aggressive and slightly twitchy hardcore described by themselves as screamo - a style that ninety-nine percent of the time are utter crap. But Vuur does not sound like other bands that can get lumped in under the screamo banner, this is a whole lot better, has a more powerful sound, and Yannick had a voice ten times better than those other bands. Are there perhaps two sides to screamo? Nah, screamo sucks and this isn't screamo. Not straight up at least. With that said I don't want to come off as if I love this band, as I don't. I just think they deliver decent fast and powerful hardcore that has some more twists and turns than some others. I have no problem listening to this and there are some tracks that I think are really good, but I can't escape the fact that the best track on here is a cover of the Born Against tune "Mary and child". In my book Vuur are decent but forgettable. [Krogh - September 22, 2007]

ベルギーのポリティカル・スクリーモ・ハードコアVUURのディスコグラフィーCD。2001年のSEEIN REDとのSplitや、2003年のAMEN RAとのSplit、その他コンピ参加の音源などを収録し、未発表のBORN AGAINSTのカバーも追加された全10曲。ついでにライブ映像も見ることが出来る。BORN AGAINST、RORSCHACH、PG 99、CATHARSISなどを思わせる迫力満点の極悪サウンドには圧倒される。日本語対訳付。AcclaimとShove Recordsとの協同リリース。
Irregular Rhythm Asylum

Vuur means 'fire' and it's a pretty good name for this local raging mad hardcore band. These guys have been inspiring me on becoming more active in and around hardcore since I saw their previous bands (e.g. Outrage, Reller, ...), their zines (e.g. Nieuwland,...), their distros, their "pro-active" days with work shops, vegan cooking, etc. I am talking primaraly about the days in 1998 & 1999 if I'm correct. The days of the so-called "PC" mentality, the days of Ebullition.

Ebullition Records has certainly something to do with the sound from Vuur on this discography (for the time being, the band is still active). The politics, social criticism and the overall engagement of Vuur matches for the most part with what bands like Downcast, Struggle and Los Crudos had to say and it seems this engagement is the most important (and maybe the sole) reason why Vuur exists. Not "just" to make hard as nails, ripping hardcore with a mix of Born Against and old Bremen styled, metallic chaoscore. These guys are in their 30ties and still pissed off as hell. 7 Seconds wrote "young till i die", but Vuur is living it.
Vuur isn't the most tight band around, but that does not stand in the way of how awesome I think they are. The rage in which the live sets are drenched in, is most of the times mind blowing. To my surprise the recorded material always stood out as well. Well-recorded rage. This CD contains 10 tracks and bonus material: songs from the split 7" with Seein' Red, the split 7" with Amen Ra, songs from a 4-way split CD, a compilation song, one unreleased cover song and two live videos. The booklet has liner notes and song explanations.

Worth your fucking attention.

緊張感溢れる圧倒する音と叫びが最高です!!!!! <擬似暴力体制下> における怒り、それを共有できない苛立ち・焦り (今の自分みたい!?・笑)、そしてそれでも (だからこそ) それを表明するパンクの政治を感じるバンドです!!!!! 自分は、今凄く <孤独> を感じる。だからこそ・・・ そんな事の色々を感じさせてくれるバンドです。 ただ「~反対」と言うヤツラにすぐにどうかしたら、取り込められる思いを表明してなくて、だからこそ何回も曲聴きながら、歌詞を繰り返し読み返したくなるバンドです。 そして、やっぱり <生> で体感したいです。 そしたら、もっと自分の身体に「VUUR (災)」をつけてくれると思います (笑) 聴いてるとそれぞれでなく、私達にとっての <喜怒哀楽> って何だろうか!? を考えされられます。

「おそらく多くの他の者が今までに蒼白の思想 (ヤツラの思想) について話し、考えたことがあるだろうから、それは決まり文句である。しかし、俺達は、静かに俺達の世界と人生を破壊している思想について話し、考えることをまったく止めることができない。俺達の無知が奴らの力になるから。(VUUR)」

Radical Normal Life

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