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> KOBAYASHI "Neuanstrich" LP/CD (ACM011)

need no more words. the new lp by this amazing german melodic driven hardcorepunkband. powerfull fast and raging music with some melodic hits... as usuall very intelligent political and personal lyrics. comes in a nice artwork and with translations in japanese, spanish and english... a must have!!! one of my favourite german bands. co-release between ALERTA ANTIFASCISTA, soroll [esp], acclaim [jap], tofu guerilla [de], behind the scenes [de] and synalgie records [de]
Alerta Antifascista

Here comes the 2nd LP of Bremens Kobayashi. It took them a while to get another record done but it was worth taking the time. This is really great melodic german punk played with passion and aggression. Well thought lyrics with a fitting artwork and not to forget the punks who played and made all this rule!
Contamination Distribution

ドイツ・ブレーメンの「コバヤシ」、2ndアルバム完成。これはLPバージョン。SIN DIOSを彷彿とさせる図太く速い、それでいてキャッチー(一緒に歌いやすい)なレイジング・メロディック・ハードコアは聴いてて燃える。消費社会、システムに押し付けられる退屈に対する怒りと不満を皮肉たっぷりに表現した歌詞も興味深い。(Acclaimによる日本語訳つき)。以前Split 7インチを出したDisfaceのLauraも一曲ゲスト・ヴォーカルで参加。ゲートフォールド・スリーブ。ステッカー付。
Irregular Rhythm Asylum

Super melodic hardcore punk from Bremen, Germany. Vocals are kind of reminiscent of NAKED RAYGUN , backed by raging, fist- pumping, punk. Lyrics sung in German are of a political/personal nature, translated into English, Spanish and Japanese on their second album. Guest vocalist Laura from DISFACE on the track, La Valla. Awesome record, don't let it get overlooked. (crudos)
Profane Existence #54

This is the highly anticipated second full length release from KOBAYASHI, an outstandingly original hardcore punk band from Bremen, Germany. Musically they play an incredibly melodic, but totally powerful style of hardcore punk, constructed with such a variety of influences that they are totally impossible to compare with any other band. The lyrics are sincerely written and filled with personal reflections on the punk movement, pop culture, politics, and society in general, as viewed from the darkend pesimism gain by years of recognizings lies and hypocrisy. Other cool features of this release include Laura from DISFACE doing guest vocals on one track, complete lyrical translations into English and Japanese, and great looking packaging (gatefold jacket + inserts for the vinyl and Digipack and 20 page book in the CD). This is tryuly an excellent release from a band doesn't cease to amaze everyone they encounter with their originality and unstoppable energy.
Profane Existence Distribution

こちらもA-cclaim新作、世界各国のDIYレーベルとの共同リリースとなるドイツはBremenのKobayashiの2ndアルバム! 決して何々風〜と言い表す事の出来ない、メロディアスに目まぐるしく進行するオリジナリティー溢れるジャーマン・ポリティカルHC! 音楽のタイプは違えど、この躍動感はあのPetrogradなんかにも通じるモノがある、と思います、意思の力、みたいなものが一音一音から感じられる感じでパワーに溢れた良い作品! 全12曲入り。こちらももちろん歌詞の日本語対訳入り!
Punk And Destroy

Reset Not Equal Zero

Finally the second longplayer from this Bremen based political hardcore/punk band and i can say thats their best stuff so far, despite the ugly artwork again... but somehow it became sort of a trademark, innit? Powerfull fast and raging soundtrack with melodic hits here and there... thoughtfull lyrics sung in german but translated in English, Spanish and even Japanese on the lyric sheet. Gatefold.
Ruin Nation

Their best stuff so far. Powerful, outstanding german Hcpunk with intelligent lyrix and quite some melodic moments and enough variations to listen to it more than once!! Lyrix are translated iinto spanish english and japanese. Sleeve artwork is kinda goofy.
Skuld Releases

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