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> KHATARINA "s/t" 7" (ACM009)

From Finland a female anarcho d-beat attack. That pretty much sums it up. If you're into Makiladoras you'll like this, a bit more straight forward and aggressive.

フィンランドのトゥルクから、ラディカル・フェミニスト5人組によるハードコアバンド KHATARINAの全8曲入りデビューシングル。男性優位社会、一人一人の人生を一つの型に押し込めるシステムにキッパリとNO!を示す怒りの歌詞がDISCHARGE + HARUM SCARUM的な迫力満点のハードコア・サウンドに乗っかり、聴いてて壮快。歌詞の日本語訳付き。
Irregular Rhythm Asylum

Debut 7" from this all female Finnish band and its quite an impressive one at that. Playing what you would expect to come out of Scandinavia, solid pissed off d-beat crust with dual shouted vocals, sounding similar to early DISKONTO but not as fast. But what sets KHATARINA apart from the d-beat hordes is that the stark b/w images of war and death and lyrics about war are nowhere to be found. Instead they have songs that are a bit more relevant in the social sense by being feminist in nature talking on such issues as gender roles, alcohol abuse and macho attitudes towards women in band etc. Songs are sung in English one in Swedish with translations in Japanese. I checked out some newer songs on their web site and got hyped for a new release which I hope comes sooner than later. (Adrian)
Profane Existence #54

東京Acclaim久々の単独リリース! フィンランドのトゥルク出身の5人組みアナーコフェミニストクラストバンド、デビューシングル! D-Beat+ささくれたノイジーギターでDischarge影響下、少し前のMeanwhileなんかをちょっと彷彿とさせる、スリリングなDisリフで応酬するアタックHCサウンドにパワフルな女性ツインVo、もちろんAcclaimにより日本語対訳も付けられた歌詞では「アスホール野郎」とか「やつらを皆殺し」とか攻撃的な言葉で、強固なフェミニズムに貫かれた日常的な怒りのメッセージを熱くシャウトし噛み付く強力バンド! 全8曲入り!
Punk And Destroy

Debut 7" from this raging finnish anarcha punk band with ripping powerful d beat crust and a beautiful sleeve artwork... check out!
Ruin Nation

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