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> CHISPAS "Relax! Nothing Is Under Control" CD (ACM008)

This excellent release by the German American band Chispas is exactly what I needed in order to get back into writing mode. About every third week I get tired from so much heaviness. My ears demand rest or silence for at least two days. Else, something quick, loud and abrasive usually does the trick. A jolt back to the right mindframe. A shock back to the edge of my seat. Which is exactly what Relax! Nothing is Under Control did for me. Matter of fact, I have been on a Chispas (Spanish for sparks) kick for four days. With no writing and zero webzine preoccupations I’ve listened to it over and over again. And with each subsequent spin their melodies became more obvious and the guitar lines grew as bigger hooks. I grew fonder of their brutish nuances and invigorated by their relentless pace. This is anarcho punk of the highest order.

It was damn near impossible to find information about Chispas. No interviews, just a handful of reviews and no picture of the band. All I know is that they have members living in Germany and in the US and that they formed in 1999, toured Germany, Switzerland and Mexico and released a few splits. Relax! Nothing is Under Control was recorded in May 2006, issued in the same year by several labels and then the band went kaput shortly after. Also, their MySpace page only lists one friend.

Whatever their story is it no longer matters. Relax! Nothing is Under Control is an excellent record. Its eighth songs run rampant at hardcore fast speed and have a pretty melodic angle. There are two vocalists, the female who sounds totally angry and in your face and her male counterpart who sounds more controlled and limited in range and balances things out nicely. At times they spew their lines together, but mostly they trade ‘em off. The guitars go super fast, small riffs repeated dozens of times in the span of a couple of minutes, zero solos but occasionally a second guitar line elevates the verses, like during “Culture Shock”. This is the good stuff.
Deaf Sparrow NEW

Chispas comes straight out of Bremen/Portland and delivers some fast, thrashy and political fe/male punk rock with a typical rough edge. The whole band reek of high quality and you can tell by listening to the music; that these boys and girls have what it takes to produce some good tracks. The music is well composed and they manage to keep you hooked throughout the whole record, and on top of that; the lyrics are mixed with both English and German songs, making it a varied and interesting ride throughout Chispas land of punk rock. They finish the record off with a crazy track with synth distorted vocals, which really put the final touch on the record - as a nice musical experience along with a free-thinking band. Not afraid to play the music their own way!
Even though the music is a killer, there are some slacking tendencies in this solid foundation. At times, my mind drifts off and I feel that there are parts that are a bit "common". But then all of the sudden, the Chispas spirit hits me in the face and I'm hooked as ever again! This is good stuff indeed; melodic, varied and high quality punk rock. Punk-Rock lovers, check this one out! / Andreas

Reset Not Equal Zero

8 track LP from Bremens now Defunct CHISPAS... melodical and catchy political punk with a raw and rough edge trough the whole set as well as plenty of ideas to keep it interesting... vocals progressed alot to their previous split LP and the female vocals reminds me also a bit of Lost World here from time to time... - lyrix sung in english, german... translations included and a very non cliche gatefold sleeve... (This review is LP version, but it's same as CD version)
Ruin Nation

日本のグレイトDIYレーベルACCLAIMから、ドイツのアナーコ・ハードコア・パンク【CHISPAS】の日本盤がリリース。以前出ていたLPを元に対訳を付けた8曲入り。同郷のLOST WORLDを比較に出される彼/彼女ら、まさにそんな感じで女性Voを生かしたユーロ・メロディに私がグッとこないわけがない、つまりグレイトなバンドだってこと!。個人的にもっとベースの人が考えて、守り入るんじゃなくてLOST WORLDやDAY BY DAY並みににベースラインを動かすとおもしろいのにね。聴くたびに、もー、お前に任せられん! オレに弾かせろ!! って感じがしますが・・・(笑) まぁ、それを置いといても、いいバンドに変わりありません。あまりLPが日本に入ってこなかったような気がするので (探してました)、こういったリリースはうれしいですね。お値段も低所得者の私が入荷しやすい、買い手のあなたも購入しやすいものとなっております。よろしく m(__)m。
Tsumugi Records

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