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> BURN AGAIN "Excuses For Apologies" CD (ACM005)

The fine folks from Acclaim Records in Japan have done it again. After the infectious melodic dwellings of the long gone multinational collaboration of Chispas, they are now regaling us with this enervating compilatory work from the Finnish hardcore band Burn Again. Excuses for Apologies features their supreme half (five songs) from their 2005 split release with their countrymen Lahdon Aika. Upbeat, belligerent, aggressive, fierce, and yet somehow controlled are a few of the adjectives that can be thrown on Burn Again’s way. With the exception of one song, their music features a very straightforward crust-friendly sound.

Burn Again play their style in a very reverential way. Their crusty hardcore has remained rooted in the halcyon days of the mid-80’s. Technicality is not an issue, instead an enraged and pessimistic point of view serves as driver for a style that has retained all of its simple stylistic values. All the songs are quite straight forward: locked in a fast tempo and formed by a beefy guitar sound, short songs move fastly and hastily, all propelled by clearly pronounced yet monstruous vocals. The result is as direct as a punch to the jaw as you’ve ever experienced. Outside the tempo what infuses the music with a somewhat subdued sense of melody is a second more emotive-less-aggressive-sounding guitar.

The last seven songs date back to 2004 and belong to their self-titled demo. Stylistically, the band is just as acerbic during their demo, the main difference being in the recording quality, which features a hollow drum sound and a fuzzier guitar sound. The aggressive quality, and their obvious reverential love for the style is the same though. Gladly, the songs are just as good and powerful as those Burn Again would record a year later.
Deaf Sparrow NEW

Tragedy、From Ashes Riseスタイルのサウンドを基本に、疾走感あるスカンジナビア的あDビートをプラスした、フィンランドのハードコアバンド BURN AGAIN のディスコグラフィーCD。Acclaim、Reset Not Equal Zero、Urban Resistantの日本の3つのDIYレーベルが協同でリリースした、英語と日本語の歌詞カード付の日本盤。Lahdon Aikaとのsplit 12"と1st demo CDRを収録した全14曲。ブッシュ、ナチズム、キリスト教、労働、服従を要求するあらゆるものを否定するメッセージが、迫力満点の分厚いハードコア・サウンドにのって突き進む。燃えるなぁ。
Expansion Of Life #15

日本の ACCLAIM.RESET NOT EQUAL ZERO.URBAN RESISTANT. の3レーベルの共同リリース。FINLAND の BURN AGAIN の LAHODON AIKA との SPLIT LP と DEMO 音源を収録した、12曲入りCD! 私、失礼ながら全くこのバンド知りませんでしたが、これはかなりかっこいいです! TRAGEDY 的な流れを組みつつも、よりクラスト疾走し、時にはメロディアスに流れ曲を引き締めるギターといい。グッときます。日本語のダサかっこいい帯もいい味だしてて最高!。対訳 (歌詞もいいね) 付きの好内容です!
Tsumugi Records

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