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> DOWN TO AGONY "Requiem Por Un Mundo Enfermo" 7" (ACM004)

A good introduction for the first song. There are too many bands that want to play a blend of TRAGEDY, HIS HERO IS GONE, NEUROSIS, KYLESA, but hard to find a good one. I can assure you that DOWN TO AGONY will never make you disappointed. Some metallic guitar parts with screaming and gruff dual vocals. This ESPANA band really kick my ass. All lyrics written in spanish, there's a translation but not in english, it's in japanese. Maybe this 7" is a japanese version. Because there are too many labels participating to release this e.p.
- Punk//Ping//Ponk #1 (Malaysia) NEW

Spanish neo d-beat!. It rages from the beginning till the end. Very thick and filthy sounding, almost scary. They manage to give their own twist to a genre which has many copycats but these guys put in the right amount of energy and filth to make this very interesting. Good stuff!

Another great band from Spain. In the vein of bands like Leadershit, His Hero is Gone, etc. Comes with a fold out poster.
Nuestra Lengua

And again, more down-tuned gloomy dark crust from spain here with a soundtrack that fit's perfectly to their band name. Friends of Kylesa, Oroku and that sort take note... you probably love that one. Heavy fold out poster sleeve with not so bright artwork... good stuff.
Ruin Nation

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