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> @PATIA NO / FALLAS DEL SISTEMA split 10" (ACM001.5)

ベネズエラの @PATIA NO とメキシコの FALLAS DEL SISTEMA、2つのアナキストパンクバンドによる10" split。 @PATIA NO は男女ツインボーカルで叫ぶレイジングな展開がかなりカッコいい全6曲。 一方メキシコの FALLAS DEL SISTEMA は力強く歌われるスペイン語が印象的な、重圧でブルータルな全4曲。 どちらも揺るぎのないアナキスト精神溢れる歌詞が素晴らしく、聴けば聴くほど気持ちが燃え上がってきます。 この作品は各国8つのレーベルによる共同リリースで、こちらの Acclaim 盤は日本語訳が付いています。 音を聴き、そして歌詞を読んで、いろんなことを考えてみてほしい作品です。
Nano Distro

ベネズエラの @PATIA NO とメキシコの FALLAS DEL SISTEMA、2アナキストパンクバンドによる Split。@PATIA NO は、前作 PROTESTERA との Split 7inch に続く新曲6曲を収録。重厚なレイジング・アナーコ・クラスト・サウンドをバックに、男女ツインヴォーカルで実感に基づいたポリティカルな歌詞が叫ばれる。FALLAS DEL SISTEMA のほうも荒削りなアナーコ・パンクで、個人に基づいた反逆精神を讃え、動物解放戦線 (ALF) や EZLN (サパティスタ民族解放軍) のストーリーを通じて動物の権利、反資本主義を訴える。両バンド自身のレーベルを始めとした各国の8レーベル協同リリースで、この ACCLAIM版には歌詞の日本語訳も付いている。
Expansion Of Life #15

Apatia no with the best apatia no songs ever. super political anarchopunk. and the recordings are much better than on the last records. FALLAS DEL SISTEMA (mexico) doing typical southamerican hc-punk. i guess, if you like apatia no, than you will love fallas also.
Alerta Antifascista

On this beautiful red vinyl with black splatter we find two bands doing highly political punk. On one side we have Fallas del Sistema who play dark, mid-paced, crusty punk. On the other Apatia No who do raging anarcho hardcore/thrash. Two very different bands, sharing the same piece of vinyl - a lesson to be learned perhaps? Anyway, Fallas del Sistema from Mexico do four tracks on their side and the pace is, as I stated above, not that fast. They do incorporate some melodies and catchy punk rock riffs, but overall it's very crusty sounding - albeit not crust per se. Opening "Empty words" is slow and dark, while the closing track "Himno Zapatista" is more of an upbeat battle hymn. Throughout the record they do dual vocals - one taking care of the lower, and one the higher side of the spectrum. Personally I'm not too much into Fallas though as they lack that little edge that makes it interesting. But Apatia No, Venezuela - now there's a band I can appreciate. Six tracks of energetic and very powerful hardcore thrash. Multiple vocals, clean guitars, and tight fast drumming - almost grind at times. While they almost constantly manage to maintain a high speed they still make room for catchy and powerful rhythmic sections. And in their finishing track "Que se vayan todas" they go down the more melodic road, even including some whistling, yet without ever loosing the thrash. Fallas del Sistema is not a let down, but for me this is all about Apatia No - and these six tracks are the best I've heard from them. The cover folds out to a big six-panel poster and includes lyrics, with translations, images, and other info I sadly can't understand due to me not knowing the language. [Krogh, April 2006]
Attack! Fanzine

A split LP between two of Latinamerica's best anarcho-punk bands going today: @PATIA No from Venezuela and FALLAS DEL SISTEMA from Mexico. Comes with a large fold-out poster with lyrics on one side and an anti-ware themed poster on the other. Sadly this record says "pay no more than $8" on the cover, which makes us look like a bunch of assholes for charging a realistic price for 2005.
Profane Existence Distribution

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